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Five Sons Fund raising 2023
We are very pleased with our fundraising efforts this year for Camp Good Days!   

Our guardians of the Brewery cycling team has worked very hard this year to raise funds for this great organization. we have to recognize some very amazing and hard working people! 
Sal Amatore is our head fundraiser raising Over $8,000 to date!  Rob Williamson is our team captain and keeps all on the same page, organizes rides and is a main workhorse for our fundraising activities.  Marlene Williamson gathered multiple amazing baskets for our raffle at the Pig Roast Fundraiser held August 19.  Ann Cilento is our cake making queen, donating many delicious cakes we sold throughout the year to raise over $1,000!
It is due to the hard work of our team members that we are pleased to say we have raised over $23,000 for this great cause!  What an amazing job our team did this year!


History of fundraising at Five Sons Winery & RG Brewery

Five Sons Winery and RG Brewery is pleased to share we have raised and donated over $112,750 for local charities since we opened in 2015.  Some of these charities include the Ronald McDonald House, the MDA, local sports teams, camp good days and special times, our first responders and animal shelters.  This year, July 9, 2022, over $6.000 was raised to buy live saving equipment for K9 dogs.  This fundraiser was organized by 14 Frets, Mae Ennis.  We thank you Mae and the K9s you helped thank you too!  On September 10, 2022 our cycling team participated in the Tour de Teddi bicycle ride around Keuka lake.  Our team raised over $12,000 for Camp Good Days!  We are so proud of our team!

It is our pleasure to give back to our community.  We are blessed to have a group of supporters who are customers, friends and employees, our Guardians of the Brewery team.  This group assists us in our fundraising efforts by hosting and participating in bicycle rides to raise funds for our charities.

Every year our Guardians of the Brewery group organizes a local ride, The Quest for the Holy Ale.  This ride starts and finishes at Five Sons Winery in a 25-mile loop.  The money raised is donated toward our Tour De Teddi fundraiser held every September.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Guardians of the Brewery, or to join us for a ride, or to make a donation contact Aimee by email at 

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