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Our Microgreens

At Five Sons Winery & RG Brewery we love providing farm to table fresh organic produce to our customers from our garden during the growing season.  Unfortunately here in NY our growing season is very short.  This forces us to purchase produce that is shipped in from who knows where for most of the year.  This produce is disappointing in flavor and quality.

We want better for our customers.  So we have started growing our own microgreens, baby greens and tomatoes to use in our menu items and to sell directly to our customers.

Why Microgreens?

At Five Sons our goal is to provide the best quality products to our customers.  We are a farm winery producing wine from grapes grown in our vineyard, a farm brewery utilizing New York produced grains for our in house brewed craft beer.  Our Boozy Gelato is hand crafted in house using the finest ingredients.   Our restaurant purchases custom ground beef from ANG market, local and fresh.  We believe knowing exactly where your food comes from is important.  We want our produce to have that same high standard, and if we can't find it we will grow it ourselves.

Microgreens are organic and contain up to fourty times the nutrients as the adult version of the plant!  That is amazing making microgreens a superfood.

Microgreens are scientifically proven to contain nutrients and vitamins that protect your eyes from macular degeneration, support your immune system, prevent type 2 diabetes and help with weight loss.

Adding these greens to your diet has significant health benefits which is an important part of our overall health and wellness.  Our goal is to provide these microgreens to our restaurant and directly to our customers.

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Get some greens

Beginning in February 2023 we will have a limited supply of microgreens available for the public to purchase.  

Available greens

Ruby Red Radish 







Available in 8oz packages for $3.12

Available varieties may vary

Available at the winery for pick up, you can call the winery at 585-734-7685 to reserve an order.

How do I eat them?

Good question, how to you utilize these superfoods?  Well it's easy, choose a variety (they surprisingly taste like the vegetable they produce) and enjoy on a salad, toss in a soup, top a sandwich, top a pizza, dress any meat with some fresh sprigs, enjoy in a wrap or taco.  Or you can just snack on them.  The possibilities are endless.

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