Five Sons Winery

Five Sons Winery and RG Brewery are both owned and operated by Aimee Mesiti and her sons. They are located in the same building. The purpose being to give customers the choice between high-quality New York wines or exceptional craft beer.

Wine Slushies : Most popular flavors are Apple Pie and Pomegranate/Cranberry. One wine slushy flavor is available per day. Changes in flavor occur throughout the week.


- Non Alcoholic Slushies are also available. Generally Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade or Mango Lemonade flavors. 1 oz. of local vodka may be added to these if requested.

Our Wines

Rocco's Red    /    $7

This is a 2016 dry red blend of DeChaunac and Corot Noir. The aroma is of pronounced oak and cherry while the body maintains a mild tannin/acid presence paired with smooth black cherry. ~0.05% RS

Sailors Delight    /    $7

This is a 2016 dry red blend of DeChaunac and Vincent. The aroma is of light oak and cranberry while the mildly oaked, smooth body has pronounced notes of black cherry and plum. ~0.05% RS

Traminette    /    $6

This is a semi-dry white wine. Floral and citrus on the nose. The body is crisp and smooth, spice and pear are present with a hint of acid in the finish. ~1.2% RS

Cayuga White    /    $6

This is an semi-dry white table wine, being moderately sweetened to perfect balance. The aroma is light in apricot and green apple while the body is forward in apple and pear. ~2% RS

Vignoles    /    $6

This is a semi-sweet white table wine with very distinct flavors. Vignoles has a very full honey aroma. The body has a strong honey presence with a mild pineapple finish. ~3% RS

Torta De Mele    /    $6

This is a sweet white wine made completely of local apple juice. Sugar was added pre-fermentation in order to raise the alcohol to wine level. The aroma is of fresh apple pie spices with a flavor mirroring that of apple pie itself : tart apple sweetness followed by a finish of cinnamon and nutmeg. ~4.8% RS

Patriot Blend    /    $6

This is a sweet blend of red, white and blue grapes. The sweet, grapey aroma and flavors are perfectly balanced with a crisp acidic finish, making it the perfect wine for a warm summer day. ~5% RS

Sangria Blend    /    $6

This is a sweet blend of red and white grapes. Sangria-style fruit flavoring has been added for both complexity and flavor. Hints of cherry and citrus are intertwined in the 'grapiness' of the wine. ~6% RS