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We are going through our GREAT OYSTER EXPLORATION!

Every  Friday we are featuring oysters from all over the world.

In partnership with Palmers food service right here in Rochester we offer the freshest product.

Friday March 22  We have fresh oysters from the West Coast!

Friday March 15

We continue our oyster exploration with Katama Bay oysters. Served on the half shell 6 for $9.

Famously sandy Katama Bay, home of postcard-perfect beaches, separates Chappaquiddick Island from the rest of Martha’s Vineyard. Katama, which means “crab-fishing place” in the original Wampanoag, is a shellfish bonanza. Clamdiggers and scallopers cruise its shallow waters, and oysters sit happily on that nice, solid substrate and get scrubbed clean in the currents, accounting for their bleached shells. The flavor mixes intense brine, as you’d expect from such Atlantic parts, with a sweet-cream roundness that is mysterious and wonderful, making these some of New England’s finest. They are farmed by several growers, so they might also appear as Sweet Petites.



Friday March 8

We continue our OYSTER EXPLORATION with Chincoteague Salt Oyster.

Grown in the salty waters surrounding Chincoteague Island and Assateague National Wildlife Refuge, these classic Virginia salt oysters are farm-raised.  If you're looking for a briny oyster, the Chincoteague Salt Oyster will fit the bill.  On the half shell 6 for $9.00

Hello, we have the Wellfeet oyster for you this Friday March 1.  Wellfleet oysters are the best known of all Cape Cod varieties, however each area of the harbor does product distinct flavors, depending on the salinity, water depth, temperature and tidal flow. These Wellfleet oysters are grown at the mouth of Blackfish Creek, as it flows into Wellfleet Harbor. This gives them a more delicate flavor and milder saltiness compared to other Wellfleet varieties. The oysters possess a plump, silky meat with a touch of sweetness and a clean, seaweed finish.  6 for $9.00.

Thursday February 14 we have a French Kiss Oyster - French Kiss Oysters are Eastern Oysters that are from the clean North Atlantic waters of the Acadian Peninsula of New Brunswick, Canada. These petite rays of sunshine come with clean, uniform shells and a hit of salt and seaweed. Keep chewing and you’ll even get a hint of sweet honey.  After all raw oysters really are aphrodisiacs say scientists  6 for $9.00 served through Friday until sold out

Friday February 1 We have Blue Point oysters from Connecticut.   These oysters are meaty with moderate salinity.  Served on the half shell.  $9.00 half doz.

We also ordered Cavendish Cup Oysters from Prince Edward Island.  These are said to be the most premium oysters available, served 4 for $10.00 on the half shell with hot sause and lemon on the side.

January 25 we have Irish Point oysters from PEI and Standish Oysters from Mass.

The Irish Point oyster is the perfect beginner oyster, small in size, briny with a slight sweet finish.

The Standish oyster is a more advanced oyster lovers choice, much larger with a meaty and full of flavor disposition.

Available today are :

Irish point oysters on the half shell served with lemon and hot sauce on side - $9.00 half dozen

RG Oyster Rockefeller made with the Standish oyster, our version of Rockefeller cooked to delicious perfection - 4 for $9.00

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