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2024 Brew Dog Calendar

We are pleased to announce we are going to release a 2024 Brew Dog Calendar!  

Our fur babies have been an important part of our business since we opened in 2015.  We also love welcoming our customers to bring their dogs to the winery to enjoy the day.  So, we are pleased to announce the creation of a 2024 Five Sons Winery & RG Brewery Brew Dog calendar!  This calendar will feature not only our fur babies but our customers pups as well, so YOUR dog can get their photo in our calendar.

How do I get my dogs photo in your calendar?

It's easy, Just bring your pup to the winery and take some photos, you can email a JPEG or PNG copy of your photo with a description and we will choose the best photos for our calendar.   Good resolution is a must, the photo must be at the winery and a details about our pup will be added to the calendar if your photo is chosen.  Submission due date is October 1, 2023.

Email us at with the photo and description.  There is no limit to photos entered.  Entering photos is free and a portion of the sales of the calendars will be donated to animal shelters.

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